Men's Eyeglass Retainers

Men's Eyeglass Retainer (Nautical) Prevents Eyeglass Pain, Pressure, Nose Dents & Slipping

This eyeglass retainer uses patent-pending technology to gently lift your glasses, preventing eyeglass slipping, nose dents, marks, and pressure.  You will be amazed how comfortable your glasses can be with the balancing retainer. 
  • Easy to slip on to the tips of your glasses
  • Gently lifts your glasses to remove pressure
  • Prevents eyeglass slipping
  • Prevents eyeglass dents and marks
  • Keeps your glasses in place
  • Makes your glasses comfortable
  • Use on all eyewear - eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, etc.

Price/Weight Options

  • This product has two weight options:
    • Light/Standard Weight $39.95- 1/2 oz for each side and works for most light to standard weight frames. 
    • Heavy Weight  $49.95 - 3/4 oz for each side and works for most Heavier frames. Important Note: It is highly recommended to use the lightest weight possible for your frames, so buying both Light & Heavy is recommended.  If the weight is too heavy it will lift your glasses too high. 
    • Buy Both - Light/Standard & Heavy $59.95 -  Best Value 25% savings. Get both to ensure you have the optimum weight for your glasses, plus you have retainers for two pairs of glasses.


  • Brand: Bye-Bye Nose Dents
  • Materials: All Natural Materials including Cotton, Nylon, Natural Latex (less than 1%) 
  • Total length: Approximately 12 inches
  • Color:  Black


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