4 Undeniable Signs That Your Glasses Don’t Fit

Wearing corrective eyewear is something millions of people are familiar with. For some people, wearing glasses is something they have done for most of their lives. The great thing about wearing glasses is the fact that you can get a new pair every few years. 

Every year, American consumers spend over $15 billion on new corrective eyewear. Many people decide to make these purchases sight unseen with the help of online glasses suppliers. While this allows a person to get a new pair of glasses for an affordable price, it can also be problematic. Getting a new pair of glasses that don’t fit can be frustrating. 

Below are some of the signs you might notice when your new pair of glasses don’t fit. 

1. Tight Glasses Can Cause Major Problems 

If your new glasses don’t fit correctly, you will be confronted with a number of warning signs. One of the main problems you will notice when you have poorly fitting glasses is red marks on your cheeks. This is caused by your glasses being too tight. 

Tight glasses can also feel uncomfortable around your temple and ears. In some cases, arm adjustments can help to loosen up your glasses a bit. If you want to make adjusting the arms on your glasses easier, run them under warm water beforehand. Also check out iLiftz® Cozy Socks - they easily attach to glasses and prevent dents and marks.

2. Your Glasses Are Sliding Down Your Nose

A pair of comfortable glasses are something that many people take for granted. Your appreciation for a great pair of glasses will definitely grow if you have a pair that is uncomfortable. Are your glasses constantly sliding down your nose? If so, this is a surefire indication that your glasses aren’t fitting properly. 

In most cases, a low nose bridge will be to blame for this problem. 

iLiftz® Cozy Socks are great for preventing socks from sliding down.

3. Issues With Pinching

Unsightly spots on your nose bridge are also an indication of poorly fitting glasses. Glasses are designed to sit on top of the nose. If the weight of the glasses isn’t evenly distributed, you will start to see marks on your nose. 

This problem can also make it feel like your new glasses are pinching your nose. If this problem persists, you might want to invest in a pair of frames that are lighter. 

4. Eye Strain is Never Good

If you are getting more headaches after you start wearing a new pair of glasses, you might need to check your prescription. When the pupillary distance is incorrectly measured, issues with eye strain are bound to occur. This is why you need to consider visiting an eye doctor instead of ordering your glasses online. With the help of an eye doctor, you can make sure the proper pupillary distance is selected. 

Rather than dealing with glasses that are uncomfortable, you need to make changes. We have a host of products designed to make your glasses fit better.