Bifocals and Specialized Glasses: Trends and The Times
It wasn't too long ago that vision assistance technology was pretty primitive, at least compared to what we have now, and how we think about this aspect of health and wellness.  There was also sometimes kind of a stigma associated...
The Only Nose Guards For Glasses You Will Ever Need
The best nose guards for glasses. 1000's of 5-star reviews and satisfied customers. Premier Customer Service. Made in USA. Easy return or exchanges. Bye-Bye Nose Dents™ patented eyeglass accessories.
Great Tips For Traveling With Your Prescription Glasses
On average, Americans take over 2 billion trips every year. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, planning out this experience is important. Booking hotels, flights and other important travel accommodations can be both time-consuming and stressful. Once you...
Glasses With or Without Nose Pads? The Definitive Answer.
To have nose pads or to not have nose pads. That is the age old question. The answer will surprise and most likely delight you.
Gaming Glasses Will Enhance Your Gaming Experience
It’s human nature to want an edge over your rivals, and for most of us, that comes in the form of big screens, uber-fast processors, and high-spec graphics cards. Playing games at the highest level requires speed, precision, and an...
Essential Eye Care Tips for People Who Work on Computers Daily
Approximately 80% of the American workforce uses computers on a daily basis. Most businesses use computers to make the flow of information from their company to the consumer easier. Regardless of the motivation behind why you use a computer daily,...
Glasses Falling Off Your Face? Easy and Affordable Fix.
There Is A Solution To Glasses Falling Off  Your Face. It's called iLiftz™.  They are brand new, patented, cost effective, super easy to use eyeglass socks, and best of all, they work!  They instantly lift your glasses which prevents nose dents, red marks, and best of all - it prevents slipping glasses.  Your glasses will finally stay on your face!
Trigeminal Neuralgia Aids That Make Glasses More Comfortable
Patented iLiftz™ Cozy Eyeglass Socks can help prevent Trigeminal Neuralgia facial pain. Stop the pain before it starts with weighted eyeglass socks that reduce eyeglass pressure and pain. Shop Now from only $19.95. 1000's o 5-Star reviews. Easy exchanges and returns. Made in USA and shipped from USA.
Low Vision Aids That Make Glasses More Comfortable
We have the solution to your heavy low vision eyeglasses that can cause pressure, pain, nose dents, and slipping.  Introducing Patented iLiftz™ Eyeglass Accessories.  They instantly lift your glasses! 
How to Make Low Vision Glasses More Comfortable
We have the solution to your heavy low vision eyeglasses that can cause pressure, pain, nose dents, and slipping.  Introducing Patented iLiftz™ Eyeglass Accessories.  They instantly lift your glasses! 
How to Fix Nose Irritation From Glasses
It can be tricky to fix nose irritation from glasses , especially when you need to keep wearing your glasses with a irritated nose. Here's an easy fix that will allow the irritation to heal and keep you from ever getting an irritated nose from glasses again. Learn how to prevent nose irritation, nose pressure, nose dents, red marks, and keep glasses from slipping.
Three Common Issues While Wearing Glasses
Glasses are one of the most important medical innovations in human history. Glasses help correct vision by altering the way by which light hits the retina, correcting for errors in the alignment of the pupil and the cornea. Not only...
iLiftz™ Adjustable Eyeglass Strap - It's Patented
iLiftz™ Adjustable Eyeglass Strap instantly lifts your glasses, plus it prevents eyeglass pressure, nose dents, red marks, and keeps your glasses from sliding down. iLiftz™ Adjustable Eyeglass Straps are the only solution that solves all these problems. Get your iLiftz™ Eyeglass Strap today.The Solution!
Solution to Weight of Glasses Hurting Nose
Patented iLiftz™ instantly lifts glasses. The weight of glasses can cause all kinds of problems including a sore nose, nose dents, red marks, and also cause your glasses to constantly slide down. iLiftz™ are the only solution that solves all of these problems. Don't let eyeglasses weigh you down. Get your iLiftz™ today. The Solution!
Great Tips For Helping Your Child Adjust To Wearing Glasses
Over 25% of children in the United States wear glasses. If your child has recently received their first pair of glasses, it is your job as a parent to help them adjust to wearing them. Most parents of children who...
Mistakes You Need To Avoid If You Want Your Eyeglasses To Last
American consumers buy millions of pairs of eyeglasses every year. For years, the Internet has been the most popular place for finding and purchasing glasses for a reasonable price. Even with insurance and online discounts, the average pair of eyeglasses...
Common Sources of Discomfort Experienced by Eyeglass Wearers
Finding a new pair of glasses can be a very exciting experience. Millions of American adults wear eyeglasses and many of them shop for a new pair of glasses annually. If you are a relatively new glasses wearer, then you...
How To Beat The Summer Heat In Glasses
In just a few short months, sweltering summer temperatures will be moving across the United States. If you are one of the billions of people worldwide who wear glasses, the summer heat is probably something you dread. Dealing with lens...
How To Replace the Missing Nose Pads On Your Glasses
It’s hard to realize how important those tiny nose pads on your glasses are until they go missing. Oh, the horror. These missing pads can make your glasses fit wonky, or worse, if you have a metal frame, it can...
Why Choosing Glasses Over Contacts is a No-Brainer
Eye health issues are quite common in the United States. For most people, correcting these issues is as easy as wearing corrective lenses. These lenses come in a few different forms, which means you will have to choose the one...
The Top Products to Improve Eyeglass Comfort
Are you tired of pain behind your ears and nose dents caused by eyeglasses? If so, you aren't alone. So many people complain of uncomfortable eyeglasses and search for anything to relieve these all-too-common issues. The good news is, thanks...