Patented Nose Cushions For Eyeglasses More Effective
Patented iLiftz® are an effective and affordable solution for eyeglass pressure. Replace nose cushions and nose pads with iLiftz® to make your make your glasses comfortable. 1000's 5-STAR reviews. Made in USA. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
Patented Solution to Prevent Eyeglass Sores
iLiftz® is the patented solution to prevent eyeglass sores. Keep glasses off your nose with these weighted eyeglass socks. iLiftz® prevent eyeglass pressure that cause sores as well as nose dents, marks, and keeps glasses from slipping. 1000's of 5-star reviews. Made in USA. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Patented Solution When Glasses Nose Pads Hurt
Nose pads shouldn't hurt right? Wrong. Nose pads create painful pressure points. iLiftz® is a patented solution that's easy, affordable and reduces eyeglass pressure. 1K's 5-star reviews. Made in USA. Satisfaction guaranteed.
How to Wear Glasses With Nerve Pain
Learn how you can wear glasses with nerve pain. Patented iLiftz™ Cozy Eyeglass Socks can help prevent nerve pain triggered by glasses. Stop the pain before it starts with weighted eyeglass socks that reduce eyeglass pressure and pain. Shop Now from only $19.95. 1000's of 5-Star reviews. Easy exchanges and returns. Made in USA and shipped from USA.
Patented Solution for Eyeglass Nose Cushions
Finally a patented solution for eyeglass nose pads and nose cushions. Eyeglass Nose Cushions merely concentrate the eyeglass pressure to two pressure points while iLiftz® reduces the pressure completely. No more eyeglass dents, marks, or slipping glasses. 1000's of 5 star reviews. Made in USA. Easy Returns/Exchanges.
Patented Solution for Eyeglass Nose Pad Issues
The struggle with eyeglass nose pads is real. You have been taught that is the only option for eyeglass nose discomfort. Not anymore - iLiftz® is the patented solution to all your nose pad issues. It's fast, easy, economical, and guaranteed. Made in the USA and free shipping options.
How to Heal Sore Ears From Glasses
sore ear from glasses again. Cozy Ear Cushions protect your ears from your glasses. Made in USA. Hundreds of 5 star reviews. Satisfaction guaranteed. Free Shipping Options.
#1 Patented Solution for Glasses Marks On Nose
If you are tired of eyeglass dents and marks, you need the #1 patented solution. Instantly prevent dents, marks and slipping with iLiftz®. Easy to use and very effective. Made in USA. Premier Customer Service. Satisfaction guaranteed. 1000's of 5-star reviews. Free shipping options.
Stop Eyeglass Marks With Patented iLiftz®
Prevent those dreaded eyeglass marks with patented iLiftz®. It's an affordable, easy solution and works on most glasses. Just slip them on your eyeglass arms and say good bye to nose dents, marks, and slipping glasses. Made in USA and 1000's of 5-Star reviews. Money back guarantee if not completely satisfied. 'Bye-Bye Nose Dents' Eyeglass Accessories & Jewelry.
When Glasses Are Digging Into Your Nose, iLiftz® Are The Fix
iLiftz® Cozy Socks prevent glasses from digging into your nose. Plus ,they prevent slipping glasses, eyeglass pain, nose dents & marks. They are affordable, made in USA, and have 1000's of 5-star reviews.
Expensive Glasses Causing Nose Dents - Now What?
If your glasses are uncomfortable, hurt your nose, cause indentations, or slide down your nose - 'Bye-Bye Nose Dents' makes glasses comfortable.
Use Patented iLiftz® For Low Nose Bridge
No need for special low nose bridge glasses anymore. Wear any glasses comfortably with iLiftz® Cozy Socks. Works with any glasses to prevent slipping, dents, and marks. Shop Now from only $19.95. 1000's o 5-Star reviews. Easy exchanges and returns. Made in USA and shipped from USA.
How To Make Heavy Glasses Comfortable
Want the secret to making heavy glasses super comfortable? This is what optometrists everywhere are doing for their patients - and now you can try it too. It's a genius fix that is easy, affordable, and works great to make your glasses comfortable.
Save Your Nose From Heavy Glasses With This Genius Gadget
Patented iLiftz® Cozy Socks is the genius remedy for heavy glasses. Heavy glasses are no match for these weighted socks that reduce eyeglass pressure that cause nose dents, marks, and slipping glasses. 1000's of 5-star reviews. Made in USA. Easy returns & exchanges.
4 Undeniable Signs That Your Glasses Don’t Fit
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Four Helpful Tips for New Eyeglasses Wearers
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How To Encourage Your Child To Wear Their Glasses
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Tips to Make Wearing Glasses More Comfortable
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Benefits of Eyeglass Cozies
Why do people buy these little items?  We talk about this a lot in the blog, but also on the phone and on the street, as we talk to people who wear glasses about what's most frustrating and confusing to...
Get The Right Prescription
If you're wearing glasses, you benefit from doing things the right way, and getting your regular eye exams in order to choose the prescription that suits your vision needs.  It's easy to get lazy about this, and just use an...
How to Keep Glasses From Resting On Your Nose
This is the absolute best way to keep glasses from resting on your nose. Great for a sensitive nose, nose trauma, or you just want to put an end to nose marks from glasses. Patented iLiftz™ prevent nose dents, eyeglass pressure, and keep glasses from slipping. 'Bye-Bye Nose Dents' Eyeglass Accessories, Eyeglass Retainers & Eyeglass Jewelry.