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Interested in receiving a free $200 iLiftz™ gift card? Or, maybe $100's or even $1000's in iLiftz™ gift cards?

Claiming your gift cards is easy!

Step 1:

Just share your iLiftz™ *experience with your eye doctor, plastic surgeon, or any retail store that sells eyeglasses or accessories. You can also print out the information in the link below to share with them.

*No purchase is necessary to participate in this referral program. Share this link with your doctor, surgeon, or store owner.







Step 2:

If the retail location places a *qualifying order at online store, you will receive a $200 iLiftz™ Gift Card, plus an additional $50 iLiftz™ gift card for the next four qualifying orders placed.

Step 3:

Repeat. Share with as many retail locations as you like. For each eye doctor or retail location that places an order, you will receive *additional iLiftz™ gift cards!





Step 4:

Start shopping and spend those gift cards! And be proud - you are helping your neighbors discover how to have more comfortable glasses.

See Terms & Conditions below.

Referral Program Terms & Conditions:


*No purchase necessary to participate in referral program. Share this link or printout of this page with your doctor, surgeon, or retail location.

*Retail Location must be approved during the wholesale application process.

*Retail location must be located in USA.

*Qualifying wholesale order minimum is $250.

*Referral participants are eligible for up to 5 iLiftz™ gift cards per retail location that places a qualifying wholesale order. The first iLiftz™ gift card value is $150 for the 1st qualifying wholesale order and a $50 iLiftz™ gift card for each of the next four qualifying wholesale orders from the same retail location.

*Ask the retailer to provide your name and email address in the referral section of their qualifying wholesale order.

*Only 1 referral participant allowed per retail location, so make sure you are the first to share your iLiftz™ experience.

*Gift cards will be emailed to referrer's email address provided by retail store on their order.

*iLiftz™ gift cards can be used store wide at

*Terms and conditions can be modified at any time by Sandlyn, LLC.

Contact for any questions.

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