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 Hello.  I am Sherry Sandt, inventor of Patented Bye-Bye Nose Dents. I probably have a lot in common with you -  frustrated with glasses that hurt my nose and leave dents and marks. Tired of glasses that slip down my nose and annoyed by the constant pressure of the frames - even with light-weight glasses.  

Not long ago, I spent too much money on a pair of light-weight glasses that felt comfortable in the store.  But after about 30 minutes, they hurt my nose and caused nose dents.  Fortunately, the store wouldn't let me return them.  I say fortunately, because although I was not happy at the time, this gave me the determination and desire to find a solution for uncomfortable glasses.  

I was on a mission for everyone who suffers from nose dents to find a way to make our glasses comfortable. After many different iterations, and with Divine Intervention, I discovered that a counterweight placed on the earpiece could effectively remove the pressure from your nose and cheeks, and it keeps your glasses from slipping. I developed a product that is stylish, fun to wear, prevents dents, marks, slipping, and makes glasses comfortable.  

I am so happy to offer you a product that solves these problems for you.  I want the whole world to know that their glasses can be comfortable.  Even bigger, thicker, heavier frames can be comfortable with Bye-Bye Nose Dents. 

Now that the frustration of nose dents, marks, slipping, and pressure is behind me,  I want the same thing for you.

We put the utmost care and quality into every piece that is crafted and designed, which is right here in the USA.  All of our products are manufactured in the USA and shipped from the USA. We hope that you love Bye-Bye Nose Dents as much as we do.  Our goal is to make your uncomfortable glasses comfortable.  Give it try and we would love to hear what you think.  



We are located in Flowery Branch, GA

All products manufactured and shipped in USA


PO Box 1434

Flowery Branch, GA 30542


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