How To Make Cheap Glasses Comfortable

Why Are Glasses So Expensive?

Have you noticed the hefty price tag on eyeglasses lately? The prices are going through the roof. You can easily pay hundreds or thousands of dollars on a single pair of glasses. Is it just the name brand that will drive you to part with your hard earned cash, or do you pay more hoping that the more you pay the more comfortable they will be? The truth is, you don't have to spend alot of money to have comfortable glasses.  

Let's be honest....

If you place a pair of $1000 and $25 pair of glasses side by side, you most likely will not be able to tell them apart. So, the majority of people must be throwing their money away with the hopes that more expensive will equate to more comfort. Unfortunately, most people find that even the most expensive glasses are still uncomfortable.

Expensive Glasses And Cheap Glasses Are Not Comfortable!

It's the law of gravity at work whether your have the most expensive or cheapest glasses you can find. The weight of the glassses can be quite heavy. All that weight is concentrated on the sensitve bridge of your nose, causing discomfort, pain, and dreaded nose dents. Not to mention, this weight causes your glasses to constantly slip down your nose. It's something we've all had to live with....until now!

The Solution!

We have the solution to affordable glasses that are still comfortable. Introducing Patent-Pending 'Bye-Bye Nose Dents' Eyeglass Accessories. You will love these fun, stylish eyeglass accessories that will make your glasses super comfortable.  

How Does It Work?

They slip onto the tips of your eyeglass earpieces and create a counter-balance that gently lifts your glasses off your nose. This prevents the pressure that causes nose dents, marks, discomfort, and keeps your glasses from slipping.

Will It Work For You?

Try this - gently press down on the tips of your eyeglass earpieces (behind your ears). Does this raise your glasses off your nose? If so, you should notice how comfortable that gentle lift makes your glasses. Notice how this counterbalance removes the pressure that causes marks and discomfort. Also, notice how the counterbalance will make it virtually impossible for your glasses to slide. This is what Bye-Bye Nose Dents accessories will do for you!

Don't pay a fortune in your search for comfortable eyeglasses. Make all your eyeglasses comfortable with Bye-Bye Nose Dents. Order yours now!

Cozy Eyeglass Socks

Patent-pending Cozy Eyeglass Socks lift glasses off your nose, preventing eyeglass nose dents, red marks, and slipping.  

From $17.95

Cozy Eyeglass Socks Retainer

Patent-pending retainer lifts glasses off your nose, preventing nose dents, red marks, and slipping.  

From $17.95

Elegant Eyeglass Jewelry

 Patent-pending Eyeglass Jewelry lifts your glasses off your nose, preventing nose dents, red marks, and slipping.

From $14.95

What Our Customers Say:

Brilliant Invention!

... such a simple idea to weigh the [eyeglass] arms down but it makes such a huge difference...



...unbelievable how this little feature can lift the glasses just enough so they float across the bridge of your nose...


...10 years I have searched for a solution...your "socks" are the answer!