Size Chart

Size Description

LIGHT 1/4 oz

Best for light weight glasses with light prescriptions, i.e. titanium, wire-frame, rimless, featherweight, glasses chosen because of light weight. Typically for glasses that weigh .5 oz or less.


Best for glasses not too light, not too heavy, average size and weight. Typically for glasses between .5 to .7 oz.  Most popular size.

HEAVY 3/4 oz

Best for larger, chunky glasses, or heavy prescriptions typically over .7 oz.


STAFF PICK:  Try all 3 sizes to find your best counter weight at a great discount, plus have weights for multiple glasses.

Works best on straighter eyeglasses arms - the straighter the arms, the better the lift. Many eyeglass arms have a natural curve of 0 - 50 degrees which works well with these products. However, eyeglass arms that curve down sharply behind your ears will impede the lift, although they will still prevent eyeglasses from slipping. Eyeglass arms can be straightened for a better lift.

Sizing Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size to choose?

Weigh your glasses and compare it to the Size Chart. If you don't know how much your glasses weigh, that is not a problem - just follow the size description. We recommend choosing the option for all 3 weights. This will allow you to find your best counterbalance at a great discount, plus have weights for multiple glasses.



Which product should I choose?

The Original Cozy Eyeglass Socks are the most popular item with both customers and our staff. If your glasses are heavy, you may want to compare the Heavy 3/4 oz Cozy Socks vs. the 1/2 oz Power-Lift Retainer. The Power-Lift Retainer provides a better lift with less weight, so it's popular choice for heavier glasses. You are welcome to try out multiple options, and keep the one that works best. Use our Contact Form to request a return/exchange within 30 days of receipt.



Can I return or exchange?

You can return or exchange for any reason within 30 days of receipt. Use our Contact Form to request a return/exchange.