8 Ingredients To Make Your Next Meeting Productive

We have all been to those meetings that left us feeling like we were just robbed of our time.  Nothing was accomplished.  Don't let that be your next meeting.  These 8 techniques can transform your next meeting to your most productive meeting:

  • Keep the meeting size small.  Only include the key decision makers needed.
  • Determine ahead of time the purpose of the meeting and expected outcome. 
  • Build an agenda and stick to it.
  • Schedule less time than you need - 30 minutes or less.
  • Start the meeting on time.
  • Any discussion not on topic should be tabled and put on hold.
  • No cell phones or laptops allowed. 
  • Remote attendees should use video rather than just audio.

Using this simple formula will ensure that your expected outcome is met, and everyone's time is respected and used wisely.  

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