A Winter's Day


There's a lot of things that a poet could say in rhapsodizing about a winter day…

 The first soft flurries of snow through the air – etchings of frost on the clear window panes. The year’s air chilling to an icy breath. It’s an awe-inspiring picture. 

 And then you’re inside enjoying protection from the ravages of the season. A warm fire, a good book.

 What else can you say about a winter's day?

 Whether it's the days leading up to Yuletide, or the doldrums of January and February, the idea of relaxing inside of a warm shelter is one of the most appealing parts of winter. And it's all about comfort.

 Accessories and Comforts

 When you think about the comforts of home, a lot of these things have to do with our five senses. Sight, sound, taste, touch and smell.

 But some of them have to do with what, when, where and how we equip our homes for sitting out the harsh climate of winter.

 For example, you might have a blanket or a comfy sweater to provide that soft feeling on your skin. You might have a steaming cup of coffee or tea to enjoy, not just the taste but the temperature of the hot drink as you sit waiting for spring to come.

 Glasses Accessories

 If you wear glasses, you probably have those, too. Reading or watching TV a lot of people wear a certain glasses prescription in order to optimize their eyesight, and prevent strain on their eyes or headaches.

 But then what about those tiny little points of the glasses that can rub against your skin?

 Nose dance cozies do the trick

 Take a look at the rest of the website to understand how these neat little extras work and how to get the quantity that you need for all four seasons of the year

 The types of straining and chafing that glasses might put on your face is, in many ways, a small problem, and accordingly, there's a small solution. But these tiny accessories are often playing a very important role in keeping you comfortable in wintertime, or throughout the year.

 Take a look at the website to learn more about what materials these are made out of, and how they work. We've been designing these solutions for quite a long time, and thinking about the best ways to support the spectacles-wearing community.

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