Bifocals and Specialized Glasses: Trends and The Times

It wasn't too long ago that vision assistance technology was pretty primitive, at least compared to what we have now, and how we think about this aspect of health and wellness. 

There was also sometimes kind of a stigma associated with vision problems.

For example, the traditional old-fashioned bifocals were easy to spot – they had two different glasses prescriptions that were separated by a visible line on the lens itself.

Then people made up all sorts of rhymes and poetry and comic tropes about old people and their bifocals, including but not limited to limericks, puns and crude drawings. 

“Let me get my reading glasses,” was the butt of 1000 jokes. It seems kind of strange now, as we look to different kinds of vision correction to help us to see better.

Advanced Vision Assistance Technology

Then contact lenses came along, and people had a choice of wearing one or the other.

But since then, glasses have also improved quite a bit, and new technology makes bifocals less of an old-timey thing, and more of a modern solution for vision assistance.

Companies are also creating new styles that make it hip to wear glasses of varying prescriptions.

And we’re getting away from the stigma that these are just for old people, or somehow connected to old age. Modern glasses are just that – modern. Regardless of prescription, they’re more of a standard accessory than something to ogle at. The old “four-eyes” thing, for example, is sort of 1980s. 

More Glasses Technology

But what about comfort?

Take CPAP machines – engineers are making all sorts of forays into how to outfit these machines with cushions, cozies and other features to make them comfortable on the face. Slight alterations and additions create comfort barriers between straps and plastic parts, and the parts of the faces that they go on, like cheeks and the bridge of the nose. 

It's the same with glasses, in a way, except that a lot of people haven't heard about our cozies and glasses covers that help to eliminate those dents and marks on the face.

These little items also prevent eyeglasses from slipping, which is incredibly convenient for a lot of glasses wearers. This is a practical thing for every day, as you are out and about getting on with the rest of your life. 

You'll be amazed at how great these accessories are for keeping glasses on your face in a comfortable and convenient way. Bookmark the site for all of your vision assistance needs!