Cushions For Your Face

In the old days, say, the 1980s, cushions were something that you put on a sofa.


But in today's world, there's quite a market for face cushions. Why is that, exactly?


Cushioning material helps to prevent all kinds of accessories and medical gear from irritating the wearer’s skin or tissues under the skin. It seems like a “little detail,” until you’re fitted with some sort of item, like glasses, and they just don’t feel quite right, like an ill-fitting shoe.


Some simple fixes can help. Let's look a little bit at how that works.


CPAP Machines


One of the best examples is the CPAP or BiPAP machine used for sleep apnea.


People have to wear these machines at night, so the designers built in comfortable cushions and pillows that they place at strategic points on the headgear or frame of the equipment.


Some of these cushions will sit on the sinus area or around the nose, in order to prevent irritation or make the CPAP fit more comfortable. The makers will proudly trumpet the quality of their facial cushions – because they know that this makes all of the difference in the “user experience!”


Taking the Same Approach to Eyeglasses


Our cozy eyeglass socks work on the same principle, and are very effective in making it more comfortable for our customers to wear eyeglasses.


This makes sense, because many of us wear our glasses quite a lot – while reading or driving, or even most of the day or night. Ever wear your glasses to a nightclub?


So it makes sense to invest a little bit in comfort and convenience – to get small accessories that will cushion the eyeglasses on your ears or the bridge of your nose. This is also one of those rare times when you can get something hand-made – cheaply!


For people who don't think about this a lot, it can be really surprising how much these little items improve your life. For example, if you had chronic itching around where your eyeglasses meet your face, or you just felt that pressure from time to time, all of that can be eliminated just by “adding a little padding,” as we say.


That's what's at the heart of how popular these products are in our e-commerce shop. We really have a lot of regular traffic of people buying these items and getting them shipped to their homes. Take a look at the catalog and pick your favorite color and style, and bookmark us for long-term convenience.