Eyeglasses Don't Hurt Until You Pay For Them

Have you ever noticed that you can pick out a perfectly comfortable pair of eyeglasses in the store, but as soon as your prescription is added and you pay for them, they cause agonizing pressure and make huge dents on your nose.  It never fails.  The reason is that the sample you tried on had a light weight lens. But when this is replaced with your heavier glass or plastic prescription, all of that extra weight causes pressure on your nose.  It is gravity working overtime. Don't expect sympathy from the eye doctor - those are your glasses now.

This was something we just had to live with in the past.  But not anymore.  Thanks to patent-pending Bye-Bye Nose Dents, your glasses and sunglasses can be comfortable.  Just slip the accessories onto the tips of your glasses and be amazed as the pressure and weight of the glasses is lifted.  The accessories act as a counterbalance to prevent pressure, nose dents, and they keep your glasses from slipping.  The fix for uncomfortable glasses.  Check out the great styles for men and women:


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