Helping People See Clearly And Comfortably


If you have problems with your vision, you are not alone. In America, 75% of adults  require some type of vision correction, and these numbers are on the rise. Between the increasing age of the Baby Boomer generation and the immersion of our youth in technology such as smartphones and tablets, vision problems will continue to be diagnosed at increasing rates. 

Rising Cases Of Vision Complaints

It is reported that over 25 million Americans will be dealing with a range of vision problems in the next thirty years, doubling the number that are diagnosed today. While there are treatments for certain types of conditions that cause vision loss and impairment, the majority of people turn to corrective lenses, or eyeglasses, as a primary form of vision correction. 

Most Common Type Of Vision Correction

Eyeglasses  remain the popular choice for vision correction due to their accessibility and ease of use. People can find eyeglasses that help then read at almost any retail store and purchase them without even visiting an eye doctor, and for more complicated vision problems, optometrists are readily available. 

Potential Discomfort

Any age person can wear eye glasses, making them the choice corrective tool of the masses. However, while wearing eye glasses is a simple and relatively easy way to adjust and correct vision problems, it can come with some uncomfortable irritations. Fortunately, these irritations are typically minor and can be eased with the use of innovative products designed to make the wearers experience more pleasant. 

Clarity Without Compromising Comfort

Because eyeglasses rest on the bridge of the nose, if worn over time they can create discomfort and even indentation. For some people, this may be mild, but for others, it may be distracting and uncomfortable. Recognizing the need for a product that alleviates the eyeglass pressure on the bridge of the nose, Bye Bye Nose Dents  created a product that eases the discomfort. 

Innovative Solutions

Hailed by customers who have incorporated these products into their lives, there is something for everyone in the line of pressure-relieving and nose dent erasing eyeglass accessories. For easy and quick relief, the company’s  “Cozy Eyeglass Socks” are simply placed on the ends of the earpiece tips of the eyeglasses. They gently provide enough lift to the glasses that the nose piece is slightly raised to rest just above the bridge of the nose, relieving pressure.

With a range of products designed to increase the comfort of wearing eyeglasses,  Bye Bye Nose Dent has created innovative accessories to fill a need in the vision correction market. Making eyeglasses more comfortable so that those who wear them can feel and look their best will ensure that the millions of Americans who use corrective eyewear to see more clearly can do so with peace of mind.