How To Replace the Missing Nose Pads On Your Glasses

It’s hard to realize how important those tiny nose pads on your glasses are until they go missing. Oh, the horror. These missing pads can make your glasses fit wonky, or worse, if you have a metal frame, it can scratch your skin. 

Over time, nose pads need to be replaced or repaired. Now eyeglasses are not cheap; it doesn’t make sense to buy a brand new pair just because you lose the nose pads. Well, that’s what we are here for. If you have lost your nose pads or they are getting worn out, the following tips will help you replace them.  

Choose the Right Size and Shape  

Glasses are customizable, and so are the nose pads these days. In fact, most designer frames come with branded pads embedded with company’s logo. These brands usually sell replacement nose pads but this can be expensive. If you are looking for a cheaper solution, you can buy nose pads at eyeglass repair shops or online stores. Since fit is so important here, find a pad that matches the other one precisely in size and shape. 

A mismatched nose pad will make your frames misaligned, and lead to discomfort and pain. So, look closely at your nose pad’s size; they are sold in millimeters and are measured from top to bottom. They come in different shapes as well including button, teardrop, oval, and more. You’ll also need to determine what kind of pad you want: adhesive, push-in, or screw-in. 

Screw-In Nose pads: These are most common nose pads found on glasses. While it may take a bit of an effort to mount, it’s not that hard. All you need is your replacement nose pad, a screwdriver, and screws. 

If you have the original screws, that’s the best. But if you lost them, you can easily buy a repair kit for eyeglasses. These kits come with a screwdriver and several different sizes of small screws. 

Adhesive or Push-In Nose Pads: Both of these nose pads are simple to fix and need no additional hardware. Adhesive nose pads are typically used for glasses that don’t have any nose pads. If you want additional comfort, they are a salient option. Just peel away the paper lining to uncover the sticky side of the pad, and then put it on the part of the frame that comes in contact with your nose. For a push-in nose pad, simply push the old pad off with your finger and fasten the new one on.

Does this sound like a lot of hassle to simply replace those tiny bits we call nose pads? If yes, you may want to choose the patented Cozy Eyeglass Socks. They are affordable, attractive, and the best part is, they keep the glasses off your nose!