iLiftz™ Adjustable Eyeglass Strap - It's Patented

iLiftz™ Adjustable Eyeglass Strap is the only eyeglass strap that is patented to prevent eyeglass pressure, nose dents, marks, and keep glasses from sliding down.

iLiftz™ Cozy Strap

Patented eyeglass retainer instantly lifts glasses, preventing nose dents, red marks, and slipping.  

From $24.95

The Only Eyeglass Strap You Will Need...

iLiftz™ Eyeglass Strap is not only functional for holding your glasses but it provides options you weren't even aware were available to you:

  • Lifts glasses off your nose
  • Prevents eyeglass pressure
  • Prevents nose dents          
  • Keeps glasses from slipping
  • Makes glasses comfortable
  • Relief from heavy glasses
  • Relief for sensitive noses                      

It costs less than your average retainer that just hold your glasses. This is a no brainer. You should order yours today and join the iLiftz™ family.

There are 1000's of satisfied customers and 1000's of authentic 5-star reviews. See reviews here.

How Does It Work?

Just slip them onto the tips of your eyeglass earpieces. They are weighted which creates a counter-balance that gently lifts your glasses off your nose. It prevents the pressure that causes nose dents, marks, discomfort, and keeps your glasses from slipping.  

Will It Work For You?

Try this - gently press down on the tips of your eyeglass earpieces (behind your ears). Does this raise your glasses off your nose? If so, you should notice how comfortable this gentle lift makes your glasses. Notice how this counter-balance removes the pressure that causes nose dents and discomfort. Also, notice how the counter-balance will make it virtually impossible for your glasses to slide. This is what Bye-Bye Nose Dents accessories will do for you!

Don't go another minute with glasses that hurt your nose. Order yours now!

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iLiftz™ Cozy Socks

Patented iLiftz™ keep glasses off your nose, preventing eyeglass nose dents, red marks, and slipping.  

From $17.95

iLiftz™ Make A difference...

iLiftz™ Adjustable Eyeglass Strap  instantly lifts glasses

Short iLiftz™ Video

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What Our Customers Say:

Brilliant Invention!

... such a simple idea to weigh the [eyeglass] arms down but it makes such a huge difference...



...unbelievable how this little feature can lift the glasses just enough so they float across the bridge of your nose...


...10 years I have searched for a solution...your "socks" are the answer!


How does it work?

The weighted accessories slip onto the tips of your eyeglass earpieces/temples and create a counterbalance that gently lifts glasses off your nose, preventing nose dents, red marks, and keeps your glasses from sliding down your nose.

Will it work for me?

Try this - press down on the tips of your eyeglass earpieces (behind your ears). Does this lift your glasses off your nose? Notice the eyeglass pressure is gone. Notice how your glasses won't slide down. Eyeglass problems solved. This is what Bye-Bye Nose Dents will do for you.

How does it attach to glasses?

They are very easy to attach. Just slip on to the tips of the earpieces.

Can't decide which product to buy?

All of the products easily slip onto the tips of your eyeglass earpieces creating a counterbalance that lifts your glasses off your nose preventing nose dents, red marks, and keeps your glasses from slding down.

There are 3 categories:

Will it slip off my glasses?

For most glasses it is very secure and will stay on until you remove it.

Which weight do I choose?

For best results, use the lightest weight that will lift your glasses. If the weight is too heavy, it will lift your glasses too high. If it is not heavy enough, it will not lift your glasses.

The kits with multiple weights are highly recommended - this is a great value and allows you to find the best counterbalance for your glasses and provides accessories for multiple glasses.

  • 1/4 oz - Lightest weight for ultra-light glasses, i.e. titanium. This weight is available in Cozy Socks, Cozy Socks Retainer, and Weighted Connectors.
  • 1/2 oz - This is the standard weight and works for most light to standard/regular weight glasses. This is the most popular size.
  • 3/4 oz - For heavy glasses only.

Can I use it on multiple glasses?

You can, but It is recommended to leave on one pair of glasses to maintain a snug fit and and reduce stretching of both the material and rubber connectors/bands.

How do I clean it?

Clean with soap and water as needed. Air dry.

Will the weight hurt my ears?

Most have no problem adjusting to the weight. For the small percent who experience some ear discomfort, there are two solutions: take a short break from the weights when needed and your ears will quickly acclimate over a few days, or use Ear Cushions.

Is it comfortable?

You will be amazed how comfortable your glasses are when gently lifted off your nose.

What if my earpieces are short?

If you have shorter eyeglass pieces/stems that do not extend past your ears, the Cozy Eyeglass Socks or Eyeglass Socks Retainer would work best.

Can I return it?

You can return for any reason within 30 days of receipt.

How do I contact Bye-Bye Nose Dents?

Email us using our contact form  or call 1-866-SANDLYN.