Mistakes You Need To Avoid If You Want Your Eyeglasses To Last

American consumers buy millions of pairs of eyeglasses every year. For years, the Internet has been the most popular place for finding and purchasing glasses for a reasonable price. Even with insurance and online discounts, the average pair of eyeglasses can be quite expensive. This is why your main goal should be making your eyeglasses last for a long time. 

In most cases, a person will replace their glasses once every two to three years. If you take care of your glasses, you should have no problem keeping them functional and damage-free. Below are some mistakes you need to avoid when trying to make your glasses last.  

Avoid Putting Glasses on The Top of Your Head

An overwhelming number of people who wear eyeglasses only need them for certain tasks. Typically, glasses are worn when a person is trying to read. When not in use, you need to be careful about how you store your glasses. Many people get in the habit of pushing their glasses to the top of their heads when not using them. While this may seem like the best way to get the glasses off of your face, it can actually result in damage being done to your eyewear. 

In most cases, putting glasses on top of your head will stretch them out. This means you will start to experience issues involving comfort and stability. Rather than putting the glasses on top of your head, you need to take your glasses off and put them in the case when they aren’t being used. Not only does this help you avoid stretching them, it also helps you keep your glasses protected from the elements. 

Don’t Take Your Glasses Off with One Hand

The average person will take their glasses off multiple times each day. If you are constantly removing your glasses, you need to be careful to avoid damaging them. Some people make the mistake of removing their glasses with one hand. Doing this puts an undue amount of stress on the legs of the glasses. 

Eventually, this stress can lead to the frames getting bent or the leg breaking off. This is why you need to remove your glasses with two hands to evenly distribute the pressure the frames experience. 

Never Play Sports In Your Glasses

Another mistake that can lead to your glasses getting damaged is playing any type of sports while wearing them. If a ball hits your glasses or you get hit playing a full-contact sport in your prescription eyewear, you will probably be picking them up in pieces on the floor. The best way to avoid this damage is by investing in a pair of glasses that are actually made for sports. These types of glasses are built to be both durable and comfortable, which makes them well worth the money. 

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