Say Bye Bye To Uncomfortable Eyeglasses

For millions of people with less than perfect vision, eyeglasses are lifesavers. Eyeglasses allow us to maneuver through our lives with the ability to see clearly. This gift, however, does not necessarily come without a price. Many eyeglass wearers experience headaches as a result of wearing their eyeglasses. From glasses that fit incorrectly to styles of eyewear that need adjustments, discomfort can be annoying and painful. 

Frames Make A Difference

Even if you have had a good run in your current eyewear, new prescriptions can bring new frames. Adjusting to the new frames can be a painful process, one that may seem to have no end. Complaints of pressure and chronic headaches can be so severe that many people often give up wearing eyeglasses altogether as the pain is so intrusive to continue on. While this urge to leave eyeglasses behind is certainly understandable, it does not have to be the only solution for ending problematic discomfort of your eyewear.

Determine Root Of The Discomfort

First, understanding what is causing your headaches and discomfort is important in devising a clear path to pain-free clear sight. Your eyes could be rebelling against your prescriptive eyewear, which means you may need to check with your eye doctor to ensure the lenses are correct for your specific needs. There are a host of vision issues that create tension headaches which can be resolved with tweaking your prescription. 

Pressure Causes Pain

However, if your vision is clear with your eyeglasses, but their pressure on the bridge of your nose is causing tension headaches, there are some changes you can make to how you wear your glasses that can resolve your problems easily. Eyeglass frames that are ill-fitting may be able to be corrected to achieve desired results, however, if your frames are causing you irritation on the bridge of your nose there is something that you can do that can easily lesson the pressure.

Physical Clues

You may have noticed that there are dents in your nose after you remove your eyeglasses. This means the pressure is enough to cause headaches and all sorts of comfort issues. Bye, Bye Nose Dents has built a company focused on providing solutions to your eyewear discomfort. Understanding the need for quick, effective, and inexpensive relief from painful headaches caused by eyeglasses applying too much pressure on the bridge of your nose, Bye Bye Nose Dents launched a line of eyeglass socks and retainers that reposition how your eyewear rests on your nose just enough to reduce the pressure. 

Comfortable Solutions

These “comfort collections” provide wearers of all styles of eyeglasses with immediate relief from discomfort, reducing the amount of tension headaches caused by ill-fitting eyeglasses. If you are seeking instant relief from pressure and tension resulting from your eyeglasses, check out these exciting products that can instantly change how you feel in your eyewear. 

You don’t have to suffer in order to see clearly, there are simple solutions that can allow you to feel and see your best.