The Worst Thing About Asthma

This is a good post for springtime, and a way to think about how important it is to have the best health and wellness accessories brought to your door.

 A lot of people have reactions to springtime pollen – they have asthma or allergies brought on by dander or certain kinds of triggers.

 People get to know this about themselves, and they get treatment.

 It's often in the form of a portable inhaler that they carry with them just in case they get an allergy attack. That’s familiar to most of us, even if we have never had problems with pollen in our lives. 

 For an asthma attack, these little portable inhalers are great. Before, you had people having fairly serious breathing issues in some cases, and being able to draw on the inhaler medicine has been a boon to asthma sufferers. 

 Then you have to re-up these inhalers every so often, and have them with you especially in springtime as spring blooms puddle-wonderful. To quote e.e. cummings: “in Just-spring when the world is mud-luscious the littlelame balloonman whistles          far          and wee and eddieandbill come running from marbles and piracies and it’s spring…” 

 Et cetera…

 Ok with that poetry lesson over, here’s more on personal accessories. 

 Glasses and Glasses Accessories

 Our products are like that, too: you’ll want to carry them with you if you need them. 

 Suppose you wear glasses because of the need for some kind of vision correction. You're going to wear them when you're out and about, as well as while you're at home. You want to make sure that your glasses aren't pinching or chafing your skin at the bridge of your nose or nearby, so you order pairs of little glasses cozies from our website.

 You can bookmark the site and keep purchasing as needed, too, because over time, these things get lost or wear out, and you need new ones.

 It's kind of like the inhaler and everything else that you carry with you in a to-go bag wherever you go.

 Now if you have a pet, or a baby, you understand this process intuitively, because you’re used to packing well.

 Bring that same level of detail to your own glasses prescription, and you’ll have a fun spring season!

 Learn more on the website about your glasses and you. Lots of people enjoy our “personal glasses solution” and the convenience of being able to buy from a trusted site – all year round.