What Are Eyeglass Cozies?

Have you ever experienced your eyeglasses pressing down on the bridge of your nose?

You might be reading in bed, or trying to get through a particularly difficult workday, or out in the yard wrestling with shrubs, and your glasses stubbornly dig into your skin, creating rawness, irritation and discomfort to beat the band. We know how it is. We’ve been there.

There's an easy way to change the equation. We have a full range of neatly designed eyeglass cozies to slip on the ends of your eyeglasses, in order to help them stay in place and relieve pressure on your face. It’s amazing how well these work! They’re low-tech, but they are effective. 

Soft and Comfortable

These softly knitted products are very soft and really neat looking on the ends of your glasses. We have many different colors available, and other types of accessories like retainers to keep your glasses in place.

When we started brainstorming these products, we thought about how irritating it can be to wrestle with your glasses all day. It may seem like a small problem, but it's a tenacious one – but then, when you have our small solution, that problem disappears. Forever! 

If you want to know more about how this works, try our simple test online to see if you can benefit from having one or more pairs of these eyeglass cozies in your pocket.

Kids and grandkids like to play with them, too, but really, these were engineered specifically to give you comfort while wearing prescription glasses.

If you don't believe us, give it a try. It's easy to order through a modern e-commerce site, and we work to get you the best shipping and delivery options possible. Why create this kind of single-use, single-product store? Because we feel that glasses wearers deserve the same kinds of comfort as the general population – and because we see the utility of specialized retail. These days, as e-commerce takes over, new ways of selling are possible, and sometimes very effective. In centuries past, these kinds of small items would have been resting on the counter at your General Store, but now you can order them easily through the internet. That’s pretty convenient, we’d say. 

Check out more on the website to see whether you can benefit from buying a few sets of these and keeping them around for whenever you don your reading glasses or bifocals or other prescription specs.