Why Choosing Glasses Over Contacts is a No-Brainer

Eye health issues are quite common in the United States. For most people, correcting these issues is as easy as wearing corrective lenses. These lenses come in a few different forms, which means you will have to choose the one that fits your needs. Over 45 million Americans wear contact lenses. If you are trying to decide between wearing glasses or contacts to correct your vision issues, we strongly urge you to choose glasses. 

There is a common misconception that glasses are cumbersome or uncomfortable to wear. In reality, there are tons of products on the market designed to make wearing glasses a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Products like the Power-Lift eyeglasses retainer allow you to keep your glasses off of your nose and will also prevent wear marks. Bye-Bye Nose Dents also carries eyeglass socks and ear cushions that are designed to enhance the comfort of your eyeglasses. 

Below you will find information about why choosing glasses over contact lenses is a no-brainer.

Improve Your Eye Health With the Help of Glasses

Over $140 billion is spent treating eye and vision disorders in the United States. Most people are willing to pay money for eye exams and corrective eyewear because they want to address their ocular issues before they get worse. When confronted with the choice between contact lenses and eyeglasses, you need to consider which one is healthier for your eyes. 

Contact lenses are designed to fit over your cornea. Once this part of your eye is covered, the oxygen supply it receives will decrease substantially. Sleeping in contact lenses will only lead to your eye health declining. Hypoxia occurs when your eyes are subjected to long-term oxygen deprivation. This condition causes red eyes, blurry vision and inflammation. 

Wearing glass allows you to correct your vision issues without depriving your eyes of oxygen. By choosing eyeglasses over contact lenses, you can significantly reduce your chances of experiencing hypoxia-related problems. 

Avoid Blurry Vision at the End of Your Day

Many Americans work jobs that require them to stare at a computer screen all day. If you wear contacts, you will have problems avoiding blurry vision at the end of days where you sit in front of a computer. Contacts will get extremely dried out. Computer Vision Syndrome is extremely common and usually causes sufferers to have dry, tired eyes. This generally leads to issues with blurry vision. 

Since the computer light dries your eyes out, this condition will only worsen when wearing contacts. If you want to avoid these issues, you need to think about wearing eyeglasses. With these glasses, you can give your eyes a chance to breathe, which can make a big difference when it comes to how dry they get throughout your workday. 

Are you looking for ways to make your eyeglasses more comfortable? If so, you need to check out the great products we offer. Our main goal is to provide consumers with affordable and high-quality products that make wearing eyeglasses a comfortable experience.