Benefits of Eyeglass Cozies

Why do people buy these little items?

 We talk about this a lot in the blog, but also on the phone and on the street, as we talk to people who wear glasses about what's most frustrating and confusing to them.

 Here's some of what they mentioned, and why they like these little eyeglass items. Even some people who just like to wear shades might buy several sets of these, just because of how convenient they are and what they do for wearers. 


Eliminate Nose Dents

 If you get those little annoying dents on your nose from wearing glasses, you’re probably dealing with incorrect weight and positioning. Our little add-ons act as a counterbalance to relieve that pressure, and stop your glasses from making these marks on your nose. It sounds like a small thing, but it can really be a relief!


Red Marks

 Aside from nose dents, other kinds of red marks also happen with incorrect weighting and positioning of eyeglasses.

 In a way, this is similar to all of the technology built into modern CPAP and BiPAP machines. People are making them with expensive cushions and pillows to stop them from weighing on different parts of the face during the night.

 This brings the same technology to your eyeglasses, at a fraction of the cost. (No kidding!) It’s really a no-brainer for a lot of people who have been plagued with this issue for a while. And once you find this solution, it’s easy to order more of them if your eyeglass cozies get lost or fall into small spaces. 



 To some people, the most frustrating part of eyeglasses is that they're continually slipping off of the face. This can happen many times a day, and in some cases, even contribute to a dangerous situation! You want your glasses to stay on. 

 The counterweight of these eyeglass cozies also helps with this particular problem and helps keep your glasses in place all day long.


Heavy Glasses

 Some frames weigh more heavily on your face, and in that case, these little items can be a practical solution.


Sensitive Nose Issues

 Some people have more sensitive skin. They might use more sunblock or more skin lotion and they might also use eyeglass cozies, to keep pressure off of those parts of the face that we mentioned above. 

 Take a look at the site and all of the resources involved for more on just how much our products help those who wear eyeglasses for proper vision health.