Cushion your ears from the weight of Eyeglass Frames with cozy Ear Cushions. The braided spandex provides plenty of cushion while allowing a flexible stretch to work with most eyeglass frames. Just slip on tips of earpieces and position where needed.

Note: This product does not prevent nose dents, eyeglass pressure on nose, or slipping. For this, use our weighted accessories. Try Cozy Socks for preventing nose dents from glasses, or Weighted Retainers, or Eyeglass Jewelry.


Brand: Bye-Bye Nose Dents

Material: Braided Spandex, Nylon

Total length: Approximately 1 1/4 inches

Color: Black

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Eyeglass Ear Cushions - Stop Glasses Hurting Ears

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10/18/2018 10:10:09 AM
Jane W.

Perfect product.

The eyeglass socks are just what I was looking for; not bulky and very comfortable. An excellent price also. Customer service was faultless. Thank you. I will purchase from you again. Jane Blue Mountains Australia.

1/29/2020 2:35:11 PM
Vivian H.
United States United States

Gave much-needed temporary relief

I underwent surgery that prevented me from wearing contact lenses for almost a year, and affected the cartilage around my left ear. I had to wear glasses all day, and I have very heavy lenses. The bye-bye nose dents provided me with much-needed temporary relief from pain on my nose and allowed my deep dents to heal. They take some playing around with. I ordered 2 different weights, and the heavier weight was what I needed. Plus, you need a pair of glasses where the temples extend out beyond the back of your ear. It's important to have the product wrapped around just the tip of your glass temple, in order to get the leverage to cause your eyeglasses to tip off of your nose. The downside is that because the weight is heavy, after a while, the combined weight of my glasses and the bye-bye nose dents was irritating for my ears. But this product did the trick in terms of helping my nose heal, so I don't have to rely on them now. I'd definitely buy these again.

1/24/2020 4:42:18 PM
Richard S.
United States United States

Ear Cushions

I purchased the ear cushions and they work perfectly! Thanks!

1/18/2020 4:05:43 PM
Donna D.
United States United States

nose dents and ear socks

So my new 2 new pair of glasses were troublesome. I tried these two products and even though I bought two of each, so now the cost of my glasses have increased substantially, it was worth it. I can now wear these ****** glasses without being in pain. Hopefully they'll last so if in the future with other glasses down the road, I'll have them if I need them. These products do work.

1/12/2020 4:41:22 PM
Margaret S.
United States United States

Great item!

These work great. Took the pressure off my head and ears. Would definitely recommend to others. Wish I would have ordered them sooner. Thanks!