Weighted Connector - Wear as Drops or Retainer

The Weighted Connector is 1/4 oz and can be worn alone as a counterweight for light-weight glasses to gently lift glasses off your nose, or use as a  companion product with the Balancing Bling Drops, Tassels, and Balancing Retainer to add additional weight.   You have 3 options to wear:

  • Wear 1/4 oz Weighted Connector alone (for lighter glasses) 
  • Combine the 1/4 oz weighted connector with either the 1/2 oz or 3/4 Bling Accessories (Drops, Tassels, Balancing Retainer) to add extra weight for heavier glasses
  • Please note that this product will not typically provide enough weight on it's own to remove pressure from eyeglasses unless your frames are very light.
  • Add retainer cord for only $3.95 (second option below) - allows you to wear as Jewelry Drops or Retainer

Review the pictures to see the difference between wearing the Weighted Connectors with the Bling Products versus wearing the Standard Connector that comes with the Bling Products.


  •  Brand: Bye-Bye Nose Dents
  •  Materials: All Natural Materials including Nickle-Free Base Metal, Nylon, Natural Latex (less than 1% of materials)
  • Total length: Approximately 3/4 inches
  • Color:  Black/Silver

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